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Connecting Caddies to ClubUp Partner Clubs

Caddies on the ClubUp platform are part of the largest independent contractor caddie network in the world. Contact ClubUp using the button below to let us know you want to be a caddie at one of our many partner clubs.

Caddies can set their availability in the caddie app

Set Your Availability

Caddies can set availability by week in the ClubUp Caddie App. This information flows back into the club portal and is helpful for efficient caddie requests and scheduling.

Caddie profiles can be edited

Caddie Profile

Caddies can add a picture and update their caddie profile within the app.

Screen of the app with available loops

See Available Loop Opportunities

The "Unclaimed" section of the ClubUp Caddie App shows which loops are available for each caddie to claim.

Caddie work schedule is in "My Loops" section of the app

My Loops

Loops that each caddie has claimed and is scheduled to work show up in the "My Loops" section of the ClubUp Caddie App



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"ClubUp has definitely made things simpler than previous clubs who just printed out sheets or went off email. This app has been a great help!"

Brandon Sletmoen
Caddie @ Silverleaf Golf Club