ClubUp Golfer FAQ

All you need to know about ClubUp Golfer.

How do I access my profile page?

The circle at the top right of your app will take you to your profile page.

How does 'Auto Pick' work?

When making your tee time, you will select your mode of transportation as ‘caddie’.  This will trigger the ‘Auto Pick’ request with ClubUp.  Your request will automatically go to your ‘Favorite Caddies’ first.  If no caddie accepts the request within the favorite grouping, your request will get sent to the entire caddie pool to be claimed.

How do I set up my 'Favorite Caddies'?

You will setup ‘Favorite Caddies’ in your profile section of the app.

How does ‘Auto Pick’ work if I do not have ‘Favorite Caddies’ selected?

First, we strongly encourage that you visit your profile to add your ‘Favorite Caddies’.  If you do not have ‘Favorite Caddies’ selected, your request will automatically be shared to the entire caddie pool to be claimed when you make a tee time with “caddie’ as your mode of transportation.

How many ‘Favorite Caddies’ can I have?

As many as you like!  There is no limit on "Favorite Caddies’".

Can I add preferences to send to the caddie?

Yes.  In your profile you can add ‘Notes for Caddies’, which will be sent to the caddie prior to the round.

I made a tee time in my club’s tee sheet system, however I do not see it in ClubUp?

ClubUp integrates with the club tee sheet once an hour for days in the future.  If you just made your tee time, please allow time (approximately 1 hour) for the round to get into the ClubUp app.  If you have push notifications turned on, you will receive a notification when the round is in your ClubUp app.

ClubUp Golfer FAQ