ClubUp Golfer FAQ

All you need to know about ClubUp Golfer.

How do I access my profile page?

The circle at the top right of your app will take you to your profile page.

How do I set up my 'Favorite Caddies'?

You will setup ‘Favorite Caddies’ in your profile section of the app.

How many ‘Favorite Caddies’ can I have?

As many as you like!  There is no limit on "Favorite Caddies’".

Instead of sending my request to ‘Favorite Caddies’ I want to send it to a specific caddie, can I do that?

Yes, in the ClubUp App you will have the ability to send a caddie request to all caddies in the caddie pool, your favorite caddies or to a specific caddie by name.

Can I add preferences to send to the caddie?

Yes.  In your profile you can add ‘Notes for Caddies’, which will be sent to the caddie prior to the round.

ClubUp Golfer FAQ